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Cyber-Security Arcade

As part of a team, we were asked by PlayWest and UWE IT Services to create three retro-style arcade games with cyber-security themes to be showcased in arcade cabinets at the cyber-security week in UWE.

Type Fighter

Type Fighter 03_06_2016 18_02_39

Type Fighter 03_06_2016 18_07_47

UWE Games summer game jam.

The theme for the jam was subverted 80’s arcade with the bonus theme of internet security.

With a team of four, we created “Type Fighter” an asymmetric local co-op bullet hell shooter.

One player pilots the spaceship while the other player types application names into the console to gain and use power ups, and destroy the boss with it’s password.

Download Type Fighter (jam version) here

Download Type Fighter (Full Version) here

Type Fighter webpage

Type Fighter was the winning entry for the game jam so the team will be resurrected for Brains Eden 2016 as well as being commissioned for two further games.


Spamphibian is the second game commissioned by UWE IT services with PlayWest, for their Cyber-security week.  It is an abstract take on Frogger, taking place in an office, helping out fellow employees by checking their emails for spam.

Download Spamphibian here

Spamphibian Webpage


Goost! was made for UWE IT services with PlayWest.

Goost! was the thrid and final game for the cyber-security arcade suite. It is a Joust-like two player game where the players compete to gather either money or data by destroying geese or battling the opposing player.

Goost webpage

Download Goost! here

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