I am a developer of games and applications using both C++ and C#, with an interest in the applications of virtual and augmented reality.

I have recently completed a degree in Games Technology and am currently enrolled in a game related masters course, which is finishing soon. Both courses are heavily reliant on programming knowledge.  During my four years of study, I have learnt both C# and C++ languages, written games and applications in engines such as Unity, Unreal, Phyre and DirectX. I have also built for hardware including PC, Android, PlayStation 4, PSVR and PlayStation Vita.

I regularly participate in game jams and have subsequently created games using HTC Vive and Tobii eyetracker hardware. I have attended Global Game Jam for the last two years, had a game shortlisted at Brains Eden 2016 and created the winning game in an internal university jam.

I have worked as a member of various teams as part of my education, employment, and game jams to create games and applications.

My solo work has included VR locomotion methods for PSVR, Vive and Oculus, swarm A.I., a networked Android to PC controller, a server based leader board, Unreal 4 and Unity plug-ins and various game prototypes made in my spare time.

I am a regular user of source control (GitHub) for all my projects, whether they are in a team or solo.

As well as programming, I am also a musician, writing and recording various genres using various instruments. I have also been known to score and create sound effects for projects I have worked on.

CV: Curriculum Vitae

Email: mrchrismugridge@gmail.com

Twitter: @chrismugridge